Friday 15 July 2016

Ten of the Best #54

What a week it's been. Eventful? Somewhat, I'd say.

And our social media feeds tell the tale - so much to share today. Almost too much. It makes writing this post so much quicker and easier. Thanks to all my friends who share the funniest, craziest, most interesting stuff online. You know who you are.

So here we go then, ten of the best of what I saw this week. Snuggle up, grab your tea, and let's begin.

This was the week that Pokemon Go got very famous. Launched in the US on 1 July, so still not officially here (neither was Netflix, for all those years, but COME ON), but of course it is. What do you mean you didn't know? Kate Sidley illuminates the concept for all of us. Click the pic for the news story.

Hang on, did I miss something? I did hear that David Cameron was going, but I thought Boris Johnson was next. Even if he only lasted a few days like our esteemed Finance Minister Van Rooyen. But how did Theresa May get there so fast? Or not so fast, as this humorous article explains.

And then, then there was this. I can't laugh any louder. This is my article of the week - the way Theresa's husband, Phillip, stole the show...just like Kate.

We should stop right there, really we should. You want to carry on? Ok, you asked for it. What we all want to do to the guy who tries to wash our windows. For real. Oh dear, there goes my blood pressure again.

And lest we forget, it's also been a sad week. For many. The Chewbacca mom (remember her from a few weeks ago?) was back to say this. I'm glad she did.

And then there's this amazing writing. If you are sane, you need to read this. Bravo Mia McCarthy. 

Did anyone see Carte Blanche's clip on abandoned babies on Sunday? Well, Robyn Vorster wrote this to give a voice to those uncounted, unseen, babies who die without our society even giving them the dignity to be counted among us. Tragic.

The Cleggs are back. This is good stuff. Johnny wrote the song, and his son Jaron produced the video. Quite a long clip, but well worth the watch. If you only want the song, here it is.

We're all drawn to beautiful, clever images. Ever wondered how they're really created? Here you go.

And the book post. Of course there's a book post. The ten most popular ebooks sold in 2016. So far. Take a look. How many have you read? I've only read three. 

Well, if I can still count, that's our ten for the week. Happy weekend, everybody. Hope you spend it with those you love, doing what you love best.


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