Monday 4 July 2016

JAMM Motivation

"Did you get Mondayed?" I asked the drowsy, clearly-not-in-the mood-to-talk teen, as she eventually flopped into the car seat, her scholarly possessions - enough to take up a shopping trolley, all carried in various sized, equally heavy bags on her small person - having been ceremoniously dumped into the boot, as she drew a frosty sigh. She nodded, tired and grateful that I got it. 

"Me too. Let's just have a moment of silence, shall we?"

The silence lasted all the way to school - it isn't far, and I realised that I was all grown up as a parent, I could even do this without shouting, swearing and a glass of wine at eight in the morning. It has taken me a while.

Monday is the worst day. And when it hits, and you're not ready, it's the absolute pits. If you're unable to climb back into bed and avoid it altogether, then it's best to go easy on yourself. We're only human, after all. Paula Marais, a published South African author, blogs about it in on 'A jumpstart to my week'

Since most of you reading this are probably in bed, and not planning to do much today (t's holiday season for the whole world in SA (all education systems) and 4th July elsewhere) let's remember the manicness that Monday usually is, lie in a little later, and enjoy some music.

For those of you running, or exercising in other forms, here's your track. Just Another Manic Monday. Hope you enjoy it.

"Wish it were a Sunday. Cos that's my fun day. My I don't have to run day."

Except it actually kind still is Sunday, after all. Have fun wherever you are and whatever your'e doing.

Happy moving. Make it memorable.

And here's last week's Monday Music - In the Stillness.

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