Monday 11 July 2016

It's Monday - let's do this

It's Monday. Time to get up. Time to hit the road. Preferably running.

It feels like everyone has been on holiday, which means we've all overindulged and under exercised. Good - sometimes we need to go easy on ourselves and let our hair down a little. But we also need to get back to it. And I've got the perfect soundtrack to play while you pound this morning.

It's aptly titled "Run" and it's by Matthew Mole. Haven't you heard it?  Well you're in for a treat, it's a goodie.

"I'm gonna find that this way
I'm never gonna break my,
never gonna break my bones
and if you find that this way
you're never gonna be a-,
never gonna be alone"

Not out of bed yet? Come on, it's not that cold, and you need to get moving. 
"you gotta come and lay it all down, because you can face whatever the weather"
I'm going to. Let's do this. 

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