Thursday 21 July 2016

I'm Sick Now What? by Dr. Andrew Butterworth

I know, I know. Why this book? Let me explain.

I went to the Kingsmead Book Fair recently, and hadn't booked a first session, and landed up in the chapel listening to Dr, Butterworth talk about healing. Quite timely, given my last twelve months. He was down-to-earth, interesting and practical; patient, intelligent and steadfast in his faith.

He said there was one fact that he thought worth sharing: 

"It can be proven scientifically that there is a link between our thought life and how well our immune system works."

I knew this had been said before. But I hadn't heard it expressed with such conviction from the perspective of both faith/religion and medical science. So I bought the book (which had to be hunted down - challenge accepted).

The book is like Andrew (who I've subsequently had the pleasure of meeting). Fascinating, insightful, and full of practical ways to work out the questions he poses: 

"Why am I sick? Is healing possible? IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ME?"

The first four chapters explore sickness, and the promise of healing from a Biblical perspective. Andrew brings in his medical experience to explain the link between our thoughts and the immune system, the toxicity of stress and spiritual healing. The middle chapters work through typical blocks with practical questions for considering at the end of each chapter. The last few talk about the journey towards health - how? 

This book is packed with goodness, challenges and honest confrontation of difficult questions. It will motivate you and inspire you to live better, stronger and well. It's worth reading.

5 stars

ISBN: 9781629115610

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