Friday 24 February 2017

Ten of the Best #81

Well hello there. It's the wonderful wacky weekend. In our post-truth fake news world, we are so lucky that there is still such good entertainment. It's all on our timelines. And this was a great week.

We couldn't keep up with everything, so we're catching up on everything right here. Wifi? Check. Coffee/Tea? Check. Warm comfy place? Check. Ok let's go.

I’m a complete sucker for flash mobs, especially when they involve Irish dancing. Thanks for sharing this one. Click the pic and take a watch.

And in other fake news this week, President Trump reported on a terrorist attack in Sweden. Ironic? Here’s where John Oliver nails Trump on Sweden. It carries a language warning. 

Calm down, everyone. There are some good politicians around. This is a goosebumps moment. Wow, this woman can speak. I’m a fan. Watch Hlomela Buca give stick to Parliament. 

And we had another great aha in SA politics this week. Matthews Phosa's Damascus experience. Loved it. 

 A library lover on libraries. So nostalgic and poignant.

Here’s the handy remedy post - those that our grandparents told us, that apparently actually work. Please will someone pass the yams. Oh, and the nettles. Where does one find nettles, anyway?

This post inspired me. But I don't know how I’m going to do this, but I have to make a start. Plastic that is part of our lives, but we seriously need to part ways with. For the sake of our oceans. 

In case you didn't have a reason, here’s why you need to boycott the new 50 shades movie. 

This also appealed to me. How to date an introvert…

It's the Oscars on Sunday night! Ellen summarises the Oscar nominees. 

And the bonus post - from the Grammys. The best moment - Sweet Caroline. All together now Bah bah bah.

There you go, that's it from me. Now have a fabulous weekend. You deserve it.

Here's last week.

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