Saturday 11 February 2017

Ten of the Best #79

Hey hey hey. It's Saturday. And there is so much to catch up on. Leave the rewatching of the SONA17 for another day, and join me as we see what made it to the top ten. 

I can't do all the Trump and SONA posts this week. It's too darn depressing. There is some really good comedy if you want to lighten the mood and watch the latest - look for SNL, Seth Myers, Trevor Noah or in case you missed it, here's the Sean Spicer skit that Melissa McCarthy did. Hilarious!

Eusebius summed it up quite well - no sense of shame, he says. Click the new Nandos ad to see the article from Eusebius (which was a commentary on our disastrous SONA17 address). If you're not from SA, and you need some confirmation it's not so bad in your country, and some context, here you go.  

We need to get out more. A little ironic, no - me sitting at my laptop, telling you, on your device, to get out more? Don't know where to go? Here are 5 places in Jozi. And no, it's not Maboneng. Although you really should go there too. Such an awesome place.

I’ve discovered a new blogger I quite enjoy - John Pavlovitz. “Stuff that needs to be said" is his byline. This article resonated with me - “We need to stop calling Trump a Christian.”

This article is gold - entitled, somewhat creatively “I am a Priest and this is why I’m pro choice”, it needs a wider audience than teenVogue - isn't that preaching to the choir just a teeny bit? I’m constantly amazed at teens knowing how the world should work. Only problem these days is that it’s usually true.It's becoming easier to call out the bull#$%^, it's everywhere.

This farm kid writes home, advertising the Marines. Not seriously, of course, but funny. And there is a plot twist.

We don't have this movie in SA yet - it opens on 24 February, but it’s worth putting on your list. And unlike the news on our timelines, it’s a true story. Here's the trailer, and click the picture below to see that since its release, even more girls are entering the STEM world. Another good reason to watch it.

In other news, I didn't read all the Harry Potter books. Gasp, I know. So JK Rowling hasn't been one of my heroines. She is now, however. Read these Twitter takedowns, and see why.

In the same spirit, the internet teaches Trump what dressing like a woman is like, and it’s quite funny.

And more teaching. Teaching parents computers. Dangerous, that. This clip is reminiscent of the guys that couldn't take us to the eleventh floor in the voice activated lift (but it isn't them). 

That's my ten, folks. See you all next weekend for more.

Want a recap - here's last week.

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