Monday 20 February 2017

Can this get better?

Morning all, it's been a while. I used to do this regularly on a Monday morning. Find the music, and then we hit the road and make some moves.

I honestly don't know if I can face running this morning. Last Monday I woke up with all the energy in the world. I hit that gym so hard, the building shook. I ran, and then I ran some more. So good. I can do this every day this week, I thought.

You know when you feel you can conquer the universe. For me that happens about once every decade.

By mid morning, the tide had turned, and the universe was slowly conquering me. Starting with the horrid tingly post nasal drip drip-dripping down the back of my throat.

So you'll forgive me if it's a slower start this week.

And also - the music has been difficult to find lately. It's just wrong, or not right, or both.

So I found us an oldie this morning. Because if you feel you can't, that's the day you should do it with gusto. Don't just sing, belt it out; don't just walk, strut; and if you're gonna run, do a few dance moves, why don't you?

Don't think about it
Just move your body
Listen to the music
Sing, oh, ey, oh
Just move those left feet
Go ahead, get crazy
Anyone can do it
Sing, oh, ey, oh
Show the world you've got that fire
Feel the rhythm getting louder
Show the room what you can do

Of course, it's Meghan Trainor. And her fabulous Better When I'm Dancing. Of course. We all are.

I don't know about you,
But I feel better when I'm dancing, yeah, yeah
Better when I'm dancing, yeah, yeah
And we can do this together

Yes we can. Come on, let's go. Show the world what you can do.

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