Friday 3 February 2017

Ten of the Best #78

Hello everyone. It's the weekend already. And here we are, January under our belts. One month down, eleven to go. If, like me, you really worked hard this week, you didn't have time for Facebook, Twitter and the like. Besides, it's all so full of anti-Trump posts, it's getting rather dull. So here are the very best, with the POTUS edited down to just three.

If you're new to this - click the pictures/clips to access the articles or videos, and use your back browser button to come back for more.

Trevor nailed the week again. 

It’s the Super Bowl, so Ellen looks at the commercials.I found this very funny.

The GQ gives President Trump a makeover. Surprising how much better he can look, when a few things are sorted. Click the pic.

Go on QE, do everyone a favour…Do it, do it, do it!

Staying with things royal, Princes Charlotte’s dress is going on sale. 

One of my favourite SA music groups- The Muses. Here’s The Sound of Silence.

Can you tell a story in six words? I’ve tried. It’s harder than you’d think. Here are some good ones.

But this is easy - the two most important words in our lives….

And remember - please don’t use filler words. They’re completely unnecessary.

We're playing out with a really cute song - You’ve got a friend in me, by Claire and her Dad. 

for the live version or 

for the studio.

Let's end with an oldie - those disastrous family photos. Yes, I know it's number eleven, but you weren't done yet, were you? No, neither was I.

Hope you all have a very happy weekend. See you all next week. Same time, same place.

Link to last week.

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