Friday 30 September 2016

Friday Books - The Information Officer

Thank God it's Friday!

The week is over, and the weekend always has more time for reading. But before we do, its time to fill our TBR piles and visit each other.

BookBeginnings, hosted by Rose City Reader, and The Friday 56 - hosted by Freda’s Voice are where you'll find new books. Both involve sharing excerpts from a current book - the beginning and - you guessed it - page 56.

The Information Officer by Mark Mills

This is an oldie. Set in Malta in 1942, it's WWII from a different perspective. I've been reading all week, but slowed down considerably, because I've been so busy. Can't wait to finish it on the weekend. 

Max Chadwick is an information officer. His job is to ensure that the news the islanders receive boosts their morale. 

Life on the island is fascinating - everyone knows everyone, and most relationships are not as they should be. So far it's good. 

Which cover do you like? 

And what are you reading this weekend? I'd love to hear.

Thanks for visiting.


Lauren Stoolfire said...

These snippets sound excellent. Happy reading.

karen said...

I read Mills' Amagansett years ago and loved it. I'll have to check my libary for this one!

Bill @ Billbrarian said...

This sounds really good. I'm going to check it out. Have a great day.

Catherine @ Book Club Librarian said...

The opening didn't grab me, but the other snippet did.

fredamans said...

I like both covers, and both snippets though they are very different.
Happy weekend!

Unknown said...

I like the first one. It goes with the era. But the second one fits with the excerpts better. Both are good.

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