Saturday 10 September 2016

Ten of the Best #62

Seriously, what happened to my week? 

About five minutes ago, I was doing last week's Ten of the Best. It cannot possibly be Saturday already? 

But here we are, another week older, wiser,  and about to be made more entertaining and of value to society. Or at least that part of society that enjoys what is shared here!  

Grab some coffee and breakfast, and let's check out what was hot on my social media feeds this week. As usual, a big shout out to all my friends with great information, music and funnies on your timeline - you guys are the ones who make this such fun (and so popular!). I dread to miss a week, I may get lynched.

Where to start? So much happened. I think it may be a while since we we saw some American news. Here's the national bird and the (maybe) soon-to-be POTUS. I don't know - they are not getting on, it seems. Warning - the video is only about 40s long, and then it loops back to the beginning - so you don't need to watch it THAT many times. There are only so many times you can see the man say "How does my hair look?".

When your resume said you speak 7 languages, you should be able to, sort of, at least. No? It's quite funny watching this one.

There once was a little girl who explained why she is a vegetarian, and how she is a vegetarian. And it kind of says it all, really. Click the pic for the link.

The music, it's all about the music. I love this, but perhaps it's better to "watch" with your eyes closed? What do you think? I really think they sound better than they look. Whaddoo you say?

There are some weeks that there are so many book posts on my time line, I can't use them all. Well this week it's singing and dancing, and music, and I may just use them all - because too much music, is that a terrible thing? (Neither is too many books, think about that).

Here's what Rudi Smit did with Meghan Trainor's Me Too. And then she noticed! And tweeted. Read it here.

Watch it below. The song is great, and the dancing - WOW!

Ever wondered how long it takes to write a book. Here are a whole lot, all arranged in order of the time, for those of you like me, who think OCD should be CDO, because, well, that's alphabetical.

37 British things this Saffer will never understand. I dunno, maybe I’m a spy, but quite a few of these, I get. I mean, really get. 

And then I discovered that Kelley Thorrington understands, she truly does!

This teacher gave an assignment that revealed so much more. "Today, everyone gets to write down things they wish their teacher knew." Interesting that that's all it took.

Ever wondered what would have happened if four blue light brigades met at an intersection?  I may just have shared this before, but it's so funny, here it is least it can't happen in Tshwane anymore, because no more blue lights there.

Well, that's it, and it's now the weekend. Enjoy, and hope to see you all next week. 

Here's last week, in case you missed it.

And some more Tens.

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