Friday 16 September 2016

Ten of the Best #63

Good, good morning to you all. So glad to have you here in this sunny spot in cyberspace. Welcome to the place where we share each other's timelines - I collect the interesting, thought- provoking, funny and entertaining stuff from my social media feeds, and choose my top ten. I put them here every Friday evening, or early Saturday morning, so we can catch up as the weekend begins. That way we don't have to spend too much time checking our phones during the week - just a small binge on a Saturday morning.

Li'l ole me, the crusader, saving you all from social media addiction and being more attached to your phones than your significant others. Ya right. Cue the white horse, the violins, the drum roll, let's go.

We will start with the great U S of A this weekend.
Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton both made the headlines. I quite liked the way that James Corden summarised it, together with the debunking of the 5 second rule. It's all in the clip below. Enjoy.

And then there was this post. From the NY Times. When a Crackpot runs for President. Ok, then. Click the pic to see the article.

I love the US so much - such a great country. So let's stay a while, shall we? Ellen had the FLOTUS help her out. She is simply awesome - Michelle, that is. A class act. I can't imagine Melania pulling this off with such aplomb. We non-Americans are all hoping that never happens, but we've got this morbid fascination with "What if it does?" Because, you know, we all thought the Trump would never make it into the running. But he did, so now maybe, maybe, God forbid, but maybe. Anyway, back to Ellen.

In SA (sans the U) we have what we call "boerewors". No, spell check, please don't try and fix it, it's right like that. We had some Texans visiting last week, and it is quite funny when they say it. They all enjoy it - more than I do, I'm embarrassed to admit. Anyhoo, it's just spicy sausage, really (but not Chorizo, which interestingly spellcheck doesn't have a problem with, but I digress). I wondered if the hawk in this clip thought that perhaps he was adding a piece to the barbecue? Only it wasn't. Watch and see what it was.

Hoax or no hoax, I won't braai near a lake. Well I never do, actually, so I'm ok.

Staying in the Animal Kingdom, I love this dog. He's so clever.

The brain games we play to conform socially are fascinating. This will get you asking why we do?

This next clip made me cry. I love music. So much. And I'm fascinated by the influence it has on us, especially the brain and the connections we have with others. In this snippet, a son gets his Dad back from Alzheimers while the music plays. It's quite beautiful, when you think about it.

If you've been here before, you'll know that one of my other passions is books, so there's always a book post. This week it's those quotes from children's books we should never ever forget. They're too good.

This is funny. We've all heard the excuse, "The devil made me do it," but anyone heard this one? "It's Barbie. She told me to. To paint her."

In our world of crazy, there are some people who don't forget how to be human. I loved this, the "sit with us" app. Clever girl

If I can still count, that's my Ten. If you enjoyed it, I'll see you next week, if you're around.

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