Saturday 3 September 2016

Ten of the Best #61

Good morning all you beautiful souls. You know it's going to be a great weekend when you wake up to sunshine, and the birds tweeting, the house is eerily quiet - except for the tweets, and you realise it's Saturday, and you've got no plans. My definition of perfect bliss.

That almost never happens, so I imagine it, and then face the the "look as decent as possible with the smallest time and effort" preparation in case there's someone I know buying coffee at the same time as me, the early morning lift to school for some sporting or cultural activity, and the string of activities that weren't planned, but crowd your day.  Like popping out to get toiletries/school uniforms/gumboots (that really happened - where does one "pop" to get gumboots mid summer?) and things for the house, garden, dogs, not to mention the husband.

A collective sigh for my Saturday, that never is. Mine, I mean. 

So before we hop and shop, let's recap the week. The one where we never got to smell the roses, listen to the music or see the sunrise. It's all here, from our social media feeds - well mine, to start with. Here are ten. Relax, and enjoy. Your Saturday starts here.

In last week's news, Pravin Gordhan refused to submit to the Hawks "summons". We all rejoiced and the Rand rallied. Here's why he was right, and they were wrong. Click the picture for the article.

We'll stay at home. South Africa. Even closer, Johannesburg, now a DA-run city. Rebecca Davis - Becky, to her friends - explains why this could be a terrible thing, if you're a "best white", that is.

And we had the racist policy re hair and language at Pretoria Girls High School, which sparked a number of angry reactions, and debates, and exposed more anger, and bad attitudes. I particularly enjoyed this "unpicking" of John Robbie's interview on 702.

Just a reminder - why we live here - pictures, not words. Enough words, for a while, right? 

I love this post - "Contronyms" - words that have opposite meanings. Got any more for me?

Britney joined James Corden. It was fun, but I thought James sang better, was funnier, and maybe even prettier than Brit. Oh dear!

And let's get back to the funny. JT Lawrence is writing a book - "The Underachieving Ovary". Here's an extract - Project Douche. Hysterical.

This is shocking, but, sadly, believable. The fairies in our homes.

This. Is. Phenomenal. Bet you've never heard Beethoven's 3rd movement of Moonlight Sonata like this. Ever.

And we end with this 109 yo's secret to a long life. Want to know? Click the pic...

That's it, folks! Happy weekend,  one and all.

Last week.

More tens.

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