Monday 19 September 2016

It's Monday, We Rise

Morning all.

Welcome back for another week. If you're struggling to get out of bed this morning, stand in line. Funny how some mornings it takes that much more commitment, willpower, and energy than others. I often wonder if it's the same the world over, on any given day, or whether some really over-achieving fitness freaks got up earlier than I did and sucked all the energy that the universe to offer or themselves, so there's none left for me. I know, it's really crazy in my head sometimes. And these are just the thoughts that make it onto the page...

I guess that means we're digging deep this morning for our inspiration to get out there and run. On Mondays, you get out of bed and into your training gear, while I find the music that's going to inspire us to do more today.

This morning  we need Katy Perry. Rise.

'When, when the fire's at my feet again
And the vultures all start circling
They're whispering, "You're out of time, "
But still I rise'

There you go.

Still not working for you?

'I must stay conscious
Through the madness and chaos
So I call on my angels
They say
Oh, ye of so little faith
Don't doubt it, don't doubt it
Victory is in your veins'

Have a great Monday and an awesome week.

Here's the link to Be yourself from last week.

And some more Mondays.

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