Saturday 24 September 2016

Ten of the Best #64

Good morning sunshine, rain, clouds or whatever you're experiencing in your part of the world. For us, it's another sunshiny day - yay. And I will be spending today trying not to do anything and failing miserably, as usual.

But before I try that, let's catch up on the social media that made our week, if we got time to watch it.

President Obama tops this week's choice with this awesome letter from a  6 year old boy about the Syrian boy he saw on TV.

And did you know there will never be another first lady like Michelle? Watch this, and tell me who comes close.

It's only six short weeks until we will know - Who will rule? If you want an up to date picture, stats and really good interactive graphics, click the picture. Today, it's Hilary all the way, if you believe this stuff.

Back in SA, the comedy continues - so much nonsense and posturing and students protesting. Here's a good article on why from the Daily Maverick. But I preferred watching Trevor Noah's old clip on how excellent Zuma's speeches are. This is only funny, because it's so could-happen-true.

Here's the most important news…yes, yes ....the weather. Tom Eaton tells it well. This happens in homes across the world everywhere. In a different way, but still. Today. I'm with the dog.

Dear Social Media. Don't judge people in 30 seconds. Amen. The letter about the Jeppe teacher. And if, like me, you missed the Jeppe School Teacher Debacle, this site has a link. No, still haven't watched it. Don't think I will.

And all you students out there, did you know that your intelligence gene is from your mom. More proof, in case you needed it.

And here, an educator destroys racism in one minute. Short. Sharp. True. 

The music clip. It's gorgeous. The Dolly and the Pentatonix. My favourites.

We sign out with pantyhose bowling. Yes, of course it's a thing. Warning - this clip has oldish ladies swearing (fairly mildly). I'm sure that they're suitably embarrassed, but I told you pantyhose bowling is a thing. 

That's it folks. Enjoy your weekends, and don't forget to come back next week.

Here's last week.

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