Friday 16 June 2017

Friday Books - The Lost Life of Eva Braun

Well hello from sunny SA, where we have no excuses - we have a public holiday today - so it's a reading weekend.

BookBeginnings, hosted by Rose City Readerand The Friday 56 - hosted by Freda’s Voice both host sites for Friday link ups, where we discover more books, and make friends. Both involve sharing excerpts from a current book - the beginning and - you guessed it - page 56.

Today I'm featuring  The Lost Life of Eva Braun by Angela Lambert.

Now doesn't that look interesting? I love to hear a story from a different perspective, and I reckon this might just be the thing for me to get my teeth into this weekend. At 620 pages, I will be busy for a while... And don't you love that cover?

There was much more detailed explanation, but I edited it a little. It captures the view on marriage from those times so well, and had me thinking about it for a while.

Whilst I will be spending (hopefully most) of my day reading, I also hope to have some time to visit some blogs today, so leave me a comment and I'll stop by. I'd love to know what your weekend reading plans are.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, this does sound good. Especially as I have a German mother-in-law, I'm used to hearing different prospectives and this would make a great read for me.


Here is mine: (which doesnt compare now lol)

Have a great weekend, with lots of reading time!

Sassy x

Harvee said...

Looks intriguing. Who knows what was in her heart?

Kathy Martin said...

I don't read much nonfiction but this does sound like an interesting story about a person I've heard about in passing. I have a historical mystery with ghosts from my TBR mountain this week - Delia's Shadow by Jaime Lynn Moyer. Happy reading!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I am intrigued! And it's true that we arrive at preconceptions based on her association with Hitler.

Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

Jo-Ann said...

Interesting...I never thought to look at things from Eva's perspective and what her life was like and what she thought of being involved with this tyrant. What did she see in him?

I hope you will do a review of this one! I'll keep and eye out :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!
Jo-Ann at Inspiration Pie

fredamans said...

I bet this is fascinating. Would love a peek into the girlfriend of Hitler and her life. Happy weekend!

eli @ the (book) supplier said...

Okay, so this is intriguing. I never much thought about Eva's perspective in regards to the larger political climate of the day. Thanks for sharing.

-eli @ the (book) supplier
My Friday 56

Unknown said...

It sure does interesting. Always wondered about Eva and her life beyond Hitler. Hope you enjoy it.

My Friday 56 from The Nutting Girl

Literary Feline said...

This sounds like such an interesting book! I haven't read too much about Eva Braun, I confess. I am finally getting around to reading Jenna Blum's Those We Saved, set in World War II this month for a readalong. Although it's not the book I featured this week. Thank you for sharing! I hope you have a great weekend.

Yvonne said...

Yes, this sounds like a really interesting book.

a booklion's hideaway said...

Woah sounds good and intense and definitely intrigued!
Thanks for sharing!
Here's my Friday Reads

Lauren Stoolfire said...

This sounds really fascinating. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog earlier!