Saturday 24 June 2017

Ten of the Best #98

We've got a bit of everything today. There's the funny, the news, the funny news, and of course, something about books, some music, and even some art. Guaranteed to start your weekend on the right note. Click the links, then come back here to finish the ten things I pilfered from your time lines this week. Grab your brew, you may be here a while.

When I thought about which comedian was going to summarise Trump tweets and escapades this  week, there was really only one choice. Yup. James it is. He'll tell you about the Comey tapes, the Iowa rally and the solar wall. Oh and poor people. Sigh. When will it end?

Which is why this volcanologist is running for congress. More like her, please.

Whilst we are in what my dad would say was the greatest country on earth - being made grate again, here are some interesting Starbucks orders...please, who has the time?

While we're here, here's Trevor. Not being funny. But this isn't funny.

The funniest ever explanation for why you cannot use your phone on a plane. Warning - there is a lot of swearing and anger. Wait wait, before you rush to click it - oh never mind, you're not going to read this, click away.

Flipping over to this side of the Atlantic, just because we can, Sipho Pityana joins the dots, and makes the connection. Scary stuff. Oh, and Zapiro's latest...

Meet Ellie, formerly known as Ubuntu. And Duma, the dog, and his unlikely soulmate. So many things to love about this story.

And in Johannesburg, we can visit Themba Khumalo, see one of his works below... there's something about what he does with charcoal, isn't there?

And how do we cope with all the bad news in SA? We watch Nandos ads, of course. Here's the latest.

The books we should all be reading these days are... well you'll have to go there to see, won't you?

There was also only one choice of music. It's GENTRI with Let it Be. Seems everyone is into getting some good looking guys, sitting in church pews and singing some sort of ballad, , but this is actually a very musical performance.

That's it for today. What do you mean bonus post? Can you count? We've had 11/10 already. Get off your phone and have some real fun today.

Seriously, have a great weekend.

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