Saturday 10 June 2017

Ten of the Best #96

Good morning all. It's been quite a week in our beautiful country, with severe weather in the fairest Cape, and strong winds fanning the Knysna fires into destruction on a scale so dramatic and unexpected that I am still reeling. It happened so quickly, and mobile and land lines went down, so it was very difficult to know if loved ones were safe. We'll start with a link to a site that has been set up to showcase the rebuilding of Knynsa, and there are a number of links on it that if you want to assist, it makes it very easy.

Apparently white monopoly capital is to blame for this. So says Andile Mngxitama. Click the Zapiro for the story. Please don't forget to click on the Twitter responses at the end - it's the best part.

Some context for those who don't live here - the Comrades ultra-marathon (90 km) was held last weekend. This piece by Tom Eaton was hilarious.

Some good writing in this article. If beautiful girls don't deserve to die, who does?

Let's shut down the stupid stuff people say about rape - here are some survivors talking.

Ariana Grande went back to Manchester to do a benefit concert for the victims. Here are the highlights.

But this is worth a watch - Robbie Williams singing Angels. Goosebumps.

Here are some epic brand fails you might enjoy.

How are these marimbas in flight mode? If you told me this could be played on a marimba, I'd say no way. But this proves me wrong. In such a lovely way.

Are you looking for a new twitter handle to follow? I've got one for you - WeRateDogs. Enjoy the pictures posted here.

Anne Lamott on every single true thing she knows. This is long, beautiful and so funny. It's my favourite this week. So many gems in here -"I'm every age I've ever been and so are you."

That's it for the weekend. Hope you stay safe and warm.

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