Saturday 17 June 2017

Ten of the Best #97

Welcome, welcome. Here's we we look back at the week and watch and read all the stuff we missed on social media. Where do I find it? I collect it, squirrelling away all the best feeds from your timelines, for Saturday morning, when we grab our tea, and have ourselves a little binge.

It's not often that I know exactly where to start, but this week...well I do.

"It’s been a busy few weeks. Let’s get caught up." starts Richard Poplak. "There’s Hlaudi Motsoeneng – a performance artist so dangerously entertaining that the SABC could have doubled ratings by dispensing with all other programming and just have him mumble into a tin can." he continues. 

Click the Zapiro pic for the full article.

And in case you need a wrap of the events in the UK - they've also had a week - here is some writing I found interesting, not least for its parallels with SA. Why The Future is Looking Bright With The Next Generation at the Helm.

In case you missed what happened, here is an (ir)reverent take from The New Yorker. It's hilarious, and spot on. The Book of Jeremy Corbyn,

And in the US of A, this is the news...thanks Trevor.

As Mindy Fischer says - The best thing about this take down is that the Trump guy, Jason Miller, doesn't even realise he is being taken down, by CNN's Kirsten Powers.

After the devastating fire in Knynsa in the Western Cape a week and a bit ago, this summarises some of the stories emerging from the ashes - a  tortoise, a hospital in a squash court, conversation at a braai.

And some more good news... South African Geologist Tshiamo Legoale won an international award for phytomining - basically growing wheat from gold. I love this story for so many reasons.

Still looking for that perfect Father's Day gift? Here are some books to read with Dad. Buy them for him, then you can read them too.

Dogs or cats? Well, just say "cats" after watching this, betcha you can't.

Extrovert or introvert? 

I know, I know, how about an extroverted introvert? Click my favourite introvert meme for the article.

I've been waiting for this one - the bonus post today...James Corden does carpool karaoke with dun dun dun...Ed Sheeran. I loved it. Ed is so talented, and not just at putting Maltesers in his mouth... The fact that it's long makes it even more fun. Enjoy.

That was our week, people. And what a week it was. Thanks for revisiting it with me.

Come back next week for more. In the meantime, last week, if you missed it.

And some more.

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