Monday 19 June 2017

When you don't feel like it

Morning, it is. Time to face the week, starting with some exercise. 

Trouble is I'm still hankering after the weekend. I just feel like snuggling under the duvet for five, ten, fifteen more minutes and not facing anything.

It's still winter, I'm not feeling up to much, and there's not anything inspiring me to get up and out today.

So what if we just go with a bit of the familiar, the nostalgic, the memories, the comfort of the well known? Use what you've got, they say.

I'm out of bed now, thinking of the friendly smile of the security guard at the gate at school, always trying to make a plan so the traffic moves faster, and we save precious seconds. The greeting as my running buddy is pleased to see me. Ok, I'll get dressed. 

Thoughts of the welcoming sun on my back as the downhill starts, and the gentle slapping of my feet against the tarmac. Ok, shoes on. 

The smell of the brew as Senzo smiles and passes me my cappuccino - just the way I like it without me even reminding him. Got my keys now. And the feeling of the warm water on my skin, washing the well-earned perspiration from me, and making me feel better about my day, my life and the world around me. Ok, we got this, let's go.

Don't forget the song - it's like a  chorus now. You're all reminding me. I hadn't. I actually have had this in my head all weekend. Apologies no non-SAffers, you won't find this as nostalgic as we do, but you'll enjoy it nevertheless. It's the gentle Mango Groove, with Hometalk. All the smells, sights, sounds and memories of our lovely country.

Above is the summer moon
Children will be sleeping soon
The work is all done and so
We sleep by the fire's glow
The cattle bells do not ring
The night birds begin to sing
The stories have all been told, so we'll dream
Hometalk, takes me home, hometalk
The moon meets the breaking day
The dreams have all gone away
Though the memories tear me apart
They will always be here in my heart

Hometalk, takes me home, hometalk
Kaya, takes me home, hometalk

Let's run, people.

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