Saturday 2 January 2016

The Best of the Ten Part 2

Bored? I knew it. Here's part two of the Best of the Ten of the Best - the highlights from my weekly posts in 2015. Every week I trawl social media, to put my favourites in one place. Here are the best of the favourites. Click the pictures for the links.

1. It’s finally happened. One Direction did split up. For real. And probably for ever. Here’s the teacher’s advice on how to cope. It had me giggling. 

2. Notes written by children that are honest and hilarious. 

3. The funniest Hilary Clinton campaign clip. Ever. Let me get my pen… You know you want to watch it again. 

4. The funny lies parents tell their children…

5. This Bob Newhart is a CLASSIC. Stop it! 

6. The real parenting comics part 2 - as funny as the first lot?

7. The Competitive Foursome need a new name. But these chicks are so awesome, this made my best list. 

8. The best air steward ever. The only one that ever got my attention, too.

9. My favourite Trevor Noah was his emergency appendectomy. Sir, you can’t faint here. 

10. I'm so glad I discovered Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, this year. She is funny. And rude. Language warning here. Enjoy. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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