Wednesday 13 January 2016

Saving Sophie by Ronald H Balson

Catherine and Liam team up again, this time to help a law firm discover how one of its employees, Jack Sommers, made away with $86 million, costing them a lucrative deal. Of course, Liam and Catherine also become obsessed with why, when they discover that Jack’s wife died tragically, and his eight year old daughter has disappeared, presumably abducted by her estranged grandparents.

The story moves at a great pace, and holds your attention, with details on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, financial wheeling and dealing, and even gambling on basketball outcomes.

However, the characters and their dialogues were one dimensional, stilted and therefore fairly unbelievable. This detracted somewhat from my overall enjoyment.

The story continues from Balson’s first novel, Once we were Brothers, in terms of Catherine and Liam’s relationship, but is quite different otherwise.  Whereas that was historical fiction, this is more of a thriller.

A diverting, but not spellbinding read.

3 stars

ISBN: 9781250065858

You may also enjoy Once We Were Brothers or Karolina's Twins by the same author.

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