Saturday 9 January 2016

Ten of the Best #27

Morning everyone. It’s time for a brand spanking new Ten of the Best. I don't know about you, but I’ve had a slow start to the year. I had a short break, and am now reluctant to enter the fray. It seems a bit vicious out there. So should I ease you in? Nothing too harsh or thought provoking this week. Here they are then. The stories on social media that I didn't have time to read this week, but am catching up on now.  Click the pictures for the links.

1. This was me, getting up for work after the holidays…that size too...

2. Everywhere you look there are summaries of 2015 - the books, the movies, the news items. Well here are the hits of 2015 in 3 minutes. 

3. And here is the wrap of 2015 by the rapper. 

4. The writers we lost in 2015

5. This is billed as the most annoying friend ever. I think parrots are usually annoying. It’s short and cute. 

6. Trevor Noah on the Daily Show had a rant about how Donald Trump criticizes Canadian born Ted Cruz, whilst trying to appear not to. 

7. Huffington Post released a list of books to read in 2016. What do you think? Good? Boring? Will you be reading any of them?

8. I am often in trouble for letting my kids read things that are a bit “old” for them. Here’s someone who takes it even further. It’s why kids should read whatever they want, whenever they want. Do you agree? 

9. Ok, we couldn't avoid it completely. The terrible racist stuff that has been getting us all down in SA. This is the best response to Penny Sparrow that I have come across.A letter from a Mom. It’s short, but powerful. 

10. Aretha. She is 73. She is gorgeous, and this is worth the watch. If you missed it, I didn’t. Here it is for you. Can anyone tell me who the blond lady is who gets so excited? I feel like I should recognise her. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

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