Friday 31 March 2017

Ten of the Best #86

Do you ever feel like you've lived a whole week in one day? Friday was one of those days.

Granted, it started on Thursday, when I, after listening to a strategist wax lyrical about how the world was going to change, tuned in to Twitter before I went to sleep. Imagine my horror to discover that ANN17, the Gupta-controlled (i.e. like BreitBart in the US) TV channel was running with the breaking story that Zuma had "reshuffled" cabinet, firing 15 ministers and deputy ministers. 

Alas, this was no fake news, and Friday was awash with horror and political comment.

But before we get there, let's back up a little, shall we?

On Monday, President Zuma recalled Pravin Gordhan, and Jonas Mcebisi from a roadshow to international investors, and then made them hang around a couple days, because hell, why not? Oh and this was after he granted them permission to go. The Zapiro was a classic...

An uncle of our nation, Ahmed Mohammed Kathrada - Uncle Kathy, as he was belovedly known - passed away on Tuesday. His funeral was Wednesday, and the inimitable Richard Poplak pontificated thusly. DEAD MAN TALKING - How Kathrada speaks from the newly covered grave.

So Zuma wasn't invited to the funeral. So he issued a statement - "I'm not going, to respect the family's wishes. Well, Twitter got on to that! Click the tweet for the excellent "How does it feel?", an editorial from the Daily Maverick.

And then, ANN17, launched the bombshell, in #Cabinetreshuffle, 15 ministers and deputies were fired and replaced. As Barbara Hogan said, the dastardly deeds done in dark corners of this country. That axe in the Zapiro toon proved prophetic. Click the picture for Barbara Hogan on the President's Gone Rogue.

Enough? Yes, Enough. We'll close with Trevor's prayer...If you click the quote, you'll link to another worthy place, aptly titled WAR, by Richard Poplak, again. The Zuma presidency has ended. The Zuma dictatorship has begun. 

Oh dear, what'll cheer us up? Cats? Nah. Dogs, yes. Velcro dogs. What are those? Well you'll know if you've got one. I knew.

How about some peace and quiet? Sound good? I loved this blog - What if all I want is mediocre? 

Careful, you may get a cuteness overdose from this next post...

We need some music too. Here's an acapella mash up. I know. It's a pleasure.

This one is old. But it honestly appeared this week on my Facebook feed. So it's valid, isn't it. Hot Scots. Except they're American. Who cares, actually?

I know, we're on number 11. But there were three reasons I loved this clip. One of my favourite news presenters; it was international piano day (how did I not know that?) and it was a beautiful day on Table Mountain in Cape Town.

Happy Saturday everyone. Have a fabulous weekend.

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