Friday 24 March 2017

Ten of the Best #85

Another week, another month nearly over. And now the wonderful weekend is upon us. Yay, time to do all the stuff we didn't get to during the week. What did you miss on social media? I'm so glad you asked.

Angela Merkel met President Trump. And these are the tweets, people. When Angela owned Trump, the 10 favourites. Click the Zapiro latest.

And in our own beloved country, Helen was trumped by her thumbs. Read this by Ian von Memerty. (or this by Eusebius MacKaiser)

Why we still need feminism. Amal Clooney gives a powerful speech at the U.N., but what is everyone talking about? Not her speech.

Some secret hideaway beaches for you to swoon over...

Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad writes to President Trump.

It was World Poetry Day this week. Let's get out those famous words shall we? I loved this post.

And this, in case you forgot why you love Adele so much...

The librarian's take on Bruno Mars, love it.

Old people and technology - My blackberry's not working. This made me chuckle.

This little girl decided her dance routine was way better than the one she'd learned. Cute.

Well, that was fun. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. See you all next week.

Here's last week, if you're still catching up.

All the tens this year, so far.

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