Tuesday 21 March 2017

The Mother's Promise by Sally Hepworth

The Mother's Promise is a story of a teenage girl, Zoe, who has anxiety issues, and her single mother, Alice,  who isn't well. Alice is completely alone (apart from her daughter), and needs a solution to the problem of what will happen if perchance, she doesn't make it? How does she go about trying to find someone to care for Zoe, someone who will protect her and care for her the way she always has? Neither Alice nor Zoe are particularly trusting of others, nor do they relate easily to those outside their universe. 

Sally Hepworth is famous in my reading world for creating warm, endearing stories. Real characters, with true to life problems that tug at heartstrings and get my emotions going. This one has Zoe. 

The mother in you will reach out to this troubled soul, wanting her to find her way in the boggy morass that is the high school (anti)social environment, desperate for her to find friends, kindred spirits, understanding souls. Try not to wring your hands, or get too emotionally connected - it is just a story - that's the thing about these books. 

Like The Secrets of Midwives and The Things We Keep, they get under your skin. Told with a light touch that manages to see the silver lining without being preachy and find the rainbow's pot of gold without diminishing the harsh realities, you are in accomplished hands here.

I loved this book, finished it in a day or two and won't easily forget it.

An enchanting story.

You may also enjoy The Things we Keep or The Secrets of Midwives, both by Sally Hepworth. Or what about Commonwealth by Anne Patchett? Or I Found You by Lisa Jewell

ISBN: 9781250077752

4 stars

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