Saturday 4 March 2017

Ten of the Best #82

Wow it's been a great week. So great, in fact, that we are able to avoid all news of the Trumpet, Zuma, and just about any politics, and find ourselves some good entertainment. Sound like your kind of fun? Join me as I troll through your social media timelines for the ten best from my week.

This writing is just gorgeous. Too bad it's featured in 'the failing New York Times'. A publication that is seeing its subscribers grow more than in previous years. The topic - "When your greatest romance is friendship." Click the picture for the article.

The Oscar debacle is old news, but the full story was best explained by the host himself, in a humorous fashion. Click the clever book meme for the link.

Seth Godin explains our daily dilemma with seeing the daily war between the US presidential supporters and the media and the like. Power and reason and fish and bicycles. A nice short read.

I have to warn you about this next post. You need to be brave to read it. It's brutal. Not in an aggressive way, but in the way that truth-telling can inflict pain when told through the right lens. This is far and away the best thing I read this week. Another warning, it made me weep and it makes me sad. But it should. Robyn Wolfson Vorster on The Deadly Power of Patriarchy.

In happier news, it was World Book Day. Here's some inspiration.

#eattogether made me smile. And wish I could do this somewhere, sometime.

Alicia does Adele on the Jimmy Fallon show. It's a funny clip, but skip to 2.50 for the best Adele version of a well known song. And if you, like me, cannot believe this wasn't staged and rehearsed, it still doesn't make it (that much) less enjoyable.

When you're angry with someone and "may the fleas of a thousand camels..." is getting old and tired, and you can't remember what The Dowager said, here are some more modern burns for you. You're welcome.

Why we need to watch Beauty and the Beast. (As well as Hidden Figures, please don't forget).

The cutest animal albums of the year. Who thinks of this stuff?

And that's the Ten. Join me next week, same time same place.

If you missed last week, don't worry - you can catch up.

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