Saturday 25 June 2016

Ten of the Best #51

I love doing this post. Whether it's late on a Friday evening, or early on a Saturday morning, I enjoy the stillness and quietness of the house, and going back through all my social media feeds, reading, listening, and finding the funny, the amusing, the entertaining and the make you think for a minute.

This week, as usual, there is too much to choose from. There was some good writing, some great pictures, the usual rhetoric from the US and our own farce in SA, and then the news that blew us all away - the leavers won the referendum, against all polls and predictors and David Cameron announced his resignation. So join me, as we peruse the best from my timeline, twitter and other social media feeds. You don't have to watch it all, just what takes your fancy. 

Grab your cup of tea, and let's begin.

The big local news is that Zuma's appeal against his corruption charges has been overturned, so at long last, he will face his corruption charges. Thank God for our judiciary. Click the Zapiro pic for the article.

I have this theory that I never watch, or share stuff from music TV reality shows. I may be a closet watcher, after all since this is the second of those posts in two weeks. Watch how Britain's Got Talent got flash mobbed. The fun starts at about 1.22. You can safely skip to that point, nothing remarkable happens before that.

Apparently people find reading incredibly sexy. Amen, preach it sister.

Parenting. Yes, that is a long sentence. We have to laugh....

And then we also cry...

Have you ever wondered why some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others? I have. Since a family member uses that fact to his advantage by, in the middle of the night, throwing his partner's arm over his body, if he hears that almost silent scream and doesn't want to get up. "It's protection," he says. Well here's why that works.

This next post is disturbing. It also carries a language warning. But that's not why it's disturbing. Violence against women and taking responsibility. This woman is mad. Angry mad. Sorry there isn't an image - I can't bring myself to Google "violence against women images"...

Michelle Marks is dead, Brock Turner is a rapist, & men are still blaming literally every single thing but themselves for their crimes against humanity

Ok, on to the 13 restaurants worth visiting in Johannesburg. For varying reasons. Happy to say, I can vouch for a number of these, but there are a few more on this list for me to try. Sorry about the corny picture, I'm in a bit of a mood now.

And the writing award goes to... Margaret Atwood. Good stuff, this. I need to read her books. 

The birds are tweeting, there is the occasional hoarse bark into the silence. My peace is about to be shattered, my cocoon of warmth stripped, as I prepare to take a daughter to an early Saturday morning exam. This should be banned. I'm getting back into bed as soon as I am back.

Let's sign out with the Bokke, while we can still call them that. And a moment. For last week. When they came from behind, and gloriously won. I was there, for my first ever live rugby test. It was amazing. It may not be so great today, but we live in hope. Go Bokke. The article says they're not Lions, but we all KNOW.

That's it folks. Enjoy the weekend, watch the rugby.

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