Wednesday 15 June 2016

A soup idea

I keep saying I'm done with recipes - all of them are up and on my blog. Then I find one more, that I have to share.

We are loving soups. It's getting chilly, and there is nothing better than a bowl of warm tastiness to enjoy on a wintry afternoon.

Here's one you may not have heard of. I first tried it when I had a home group, about 15 years ago, at my house, and someone made it for us and then guess what was in it. We did, eventually, after a number of false attempts - potato, sweet potato, onions, apple, we finally settled on PEARS. And it was, with watercress, which no one guessed. And it's so easy.

I made it again, and was surprised that it was even nicer than I remembered. Sweeter too. So next time, I think I may use stock, instead of water. But this is hands down the easiest soup you will ever make in your life.

Four things. Pears, watercress, water, black pepper. 

Boil, for about 40 minutes and then blend. Serve hot or cold. I used about 5 pears and two large bags of watercress, and enough water to only just cover them, but make to your taste.

Its a pleasure, enjoy. 

As a variation, use stock instead of water,  add onions, or leeks. And add cream or coconut milk for a treat.

Add homemade rolls.

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