Thursday 25 February 2016

The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley

Verity Grey is an archaeologist, who is invited to work with the eccentric Peter Quinnell, to work on his dig on the Scottish borderlands. Her ex-boyfriend is there, and as she “meets the neighbours”, she discovers that all is not as it seems. Everyone is intent on keeping Peter Quinnell’s theory – that he has found the final resting place of the Ninth Legion – intact. The evidence seems flimsy at best.

I listened to this on Audible, and the narration was beautiful. I love Scottish accents and this emphasized the dialogues, which were real and well written.

This book was written in 1999, and although I have enjoyed others by this author, this wasn’t her best. The paranormal element didn’t worry me, but the plot could have been more gripping and the resolution less contrived. The characters were the main weakness – most of them more than a little annoying.

I didn’t know before that there was so much mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Ninth Legion, nor that so many cared about finding out what happened to them. I do now, and it was diverting.

An ok 3 star read for me.

ISBN: 9780515124644

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