Friday 26 February 2016

Ten of the Best #34

Welcome to the weekend. It's been waiting, while you've been working. And here it is, along with the end of February - yes really, already - with some downtime, hopefully, to read, watch and enjoy the things you didn't get to during the week.

Here's the best of what was on my social media feeds this week. Hope you enjoy them all.

1. Thuto Gaasenwe says it best. Sums up the mood in our country at the moment. Not as positive as Lovelyn's address, which is here, if you missed it three weeks ago - the first point. Thuto composed a poem entitled "Dear Mr President"... it's a student speaking, and she makes sense.

2. Really, it could be worse - we could live in Uganda. The Daily Show does a walkabout on a Ugandan street and asks locals whether they would vote for Trump or Museveni. “For a Muslim,” said one, “that would be like having to choose between ham and bacon.”
“I’d rather hang myself,” answered another. Here's Trevor.  

3. Since Trevor started talking about Trump, let's just remind ourselves who the man is, and what he has said over the last while. And ask ourselves - why would anyone vote for him? 

Here's "an open letter to my friends who support Donald Trump." 

4. And back to SA - I loved this honest writing. It's strong, personal, and challenging. Where is our humanity - a call to fellow South Africans. Good stuff.

5. In happier news, wherever I look, people are gushing about books. The real things, not the Kindles, the Audibles, or the Kobos. The feel-them-in-your-hands, don't have to be re-downloaded when IOS 9 crashes your iPad type of books. Where you can "pick up where you left off" in an instant, if you use a paper bookmark. Love it. So retro.

6. Did you know that Mercedes are replacing robots with people. Yes, I did say that the right way around. It's because people need complexity. And only other people can do that...

7. The Proteas are on fire. No not in the cricket, who are we kidding?  It's when they perform a version of Pitball’s Fireball. Thank you Kirsten.

8. In this heat, are the Mozzies driving you crazy? Me too. Here’s what to do.

9. The emotional clip of the week. The New York City Ballet responded to a Mom's request - for a workshop for the disabled. This is beautiful.  

10.  We end this week with a Friends reunion. Our family's favourite TV show. They all get back together and reminisce about their favourite scenes. It's fun.  

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