Monday 29 February 2016

Monday Music #4

"Life turns on a dime" is the mantra of the book I'm currently reading. The smallest thing, the tiniest change to the way we do things can make a difference to the outcome. The smallest person, with very little power, can change destiny for another soul around them.

It's not always that easy. When we look at the big mess we are in, it's too daunting. There's too much to change, and if we tackle things, we can too easily fail.

The song I've chosen today encourages us to get up, fight for the things we want, and live life to the full. It reminds us that small things have the power to move big ones, and that it doesn't matter what others say, or how bad things are, we have a lot of fight left in us. 

Today is February 29. The additional day we only get every four years. Go and make life different today.

It's Rachel Platten - Fight Song. Enjoy

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