Wednesday 24 February 2016

Good old favourites #12

How's your food week been, so far? I've had a wonderful week - not really giving a damn about what I eat, which is sometimes ok, but only for a while.

One of the things I've really been enjoying is tomatoes. It could be because they are growing like weeds in my garden, and producing a huge quantity of fruit, that seems enough to share with the birds, the whole family and the neighbourhood. They are just so juicy and tart, and they seem to work with so many things.

Watch this space for tomato jam, tomato chutney and anything else to do with too many tomatoes...

Here's the recipe for the week. Yes, it's healthy. Of course, it has tomatoes.

Vegetarian Aubergine Lasagne (originally from the LoSalt website)

You need:
1 and three quarter cups of chopped onion
2 cloves of garlic minced
500g tomatoes (can use two tins)
quarter cup tomato paste
2 tsp mixed herbs
1 tsp oregano
half tsp dried basil (I use fresh)
Black pepper
At least one large eggplant/aubergine, sliced
1 cup shredded mozarella cheese
Parmesan to sprinkle

What to do:

Spray pan with nonstick oil and fry onion and garlic over low heat until translucent.
Stir in tomatoes, tomato paste, everything except eggplant.
Steam the slices of eggplant in a pot - about 5 minutes.
Layer the eggplant and the tomato and onion mix in a serving dish (coated with nonstick oil). Top with mozarella and parmesan and bake for half an hour on 190 degrees.

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