Tuesday 23 February 2016

Die Trying by Lee Child

Lee Child has created the ultimate hero in Jack Reacher. Although these books are not new, the length of the series, combined with "I know what the read is going to be like" is very attractive, particularly when you've just read something long and heavy. This is the second -Die Trying- where Jack inadvertently gets involved with the kidnapping of an FBI agent - Holly Johnson.

We follow them along an unknown path in the back of a truck, and then, when the action starts, it’s pretty non-stop.

If you know and love Jack, you’ll love this book. He’s awesome. So is Holly. And there were some twists I didn’t see coming. Clever writing, good plotting, with a dash of the unbelievable-in-any-world-except-Jack-Reacher-or-James-Bond.

Plenty of action, good characters, annoying villains and all the good guys win.

A strong 3 star read for me.

ISBN: 9780553505412

You may also enjoy Killing Floor – number one in the series by the same author.

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