Friday 5 February 2016

Ten of the Best #31

Welcome to the weekend. And what a weekend it is going to be. Filled with interesting clips, and al those funnies you missed during the week. Put your feet up, grab your favourite beverage, and enjoy - from my friends and family, the best of the social media I saw this week. Click the pictures to access the content. Enjoy.

1. In honour of all those students starting University in the last two weeks (and their lawnmower parents) here's the speech I thoroughly enjoyed. As has been said before - if this is the youth of our generation and their thinking, we may just be ok.

2.  If you've been here before, you'll know that one of my major themes is books and all things literary. How on earth did I miss this one? Beatrix Potter, the original Potter, had an unpublished book. Here it is. Doesn't it look wonderful?

3. Let's stay with the literary, the short story side - this is a good post. The morning after I killed myself.

4. Sorry for all of you that are still struggling with a cold and long and drawn-out winter. We are so sick of being so warm (not really, it's still blissful). Lucky us. Here are some gorgeous pictures of the 25 most beautiful small towns in SA. Put one or two of them on your list to visit. They are as gorgeous as they look.

5.  And here's the closest to Baroque in the Bush that I have ever been. Doesn't it look fantastic? One of my friends went. And another too, and she put this clip together. You'd think I'd've been invited? Maybe next year?

6. Some (67!) life hacks. Mainly for those of us with children. Some of this is good. Bookmark it for a rainy day, when you are not living life to the full and you have time for the life hacks.

7. I know there are a lot of book posts this week, but this one is to decide which books to take to University. Love this.

8.  I really enjoyed Brene Brown on playing the blame game. Didn't think I would, but I did.

9. Here's a funny short one - please don't hit me in the face with a wet fish. Please don't hit me in the face with a wet fish. Please don't ....SLAP. My worst nightmare.

10. This needs no introduction. Except then how would you know that it's good. While my guitar gently weeps. Composed by the late great George Harrison, the world's favourite Beatle. This features Eric Clapton. Oh, and also Paul McCartney. Great guitar starts at about 3m40s in. Enjoy. 

Happy weekend.

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