Saturday 20 February 2016

Ten of the Best #33

Busy is not the word... Hectic? Frenetic? Frenzied? Stressful? Yup, any one of those is a good description for my week. Yours too? Sorry. 

Look at us though, we made it to another weekend. And no matter what is still to be done, it is now officially the end of the week. You (and I) deserve some time to sit down, chill, smell the roses, sip the tea, and catch our breath.

While you're doing that, why not catch up on what you didn't have time for on social media this week? That was frenetic too. In SA we had more Zuma, more students, some Valentine's Day rants and it sounds like the rest of the world was just as busy. Here's the most thought-provoking, interesting and funny things I found this week. Hope there's something for you to enjoy.

1. Where to begin? Well way back on Sunday it was Valentine's Day. And there was all sorts of anti-romantic sentiment that I found. I blame my friends. Cynical bunch that they are. Click the pic for an article on why single is really better for a woman.

2. Antjie Krog wrote an interesting piece on Eugene.
De Kock, that is. Can an evil man change? What do you think?

3. And then there is the powerful "Today I rise" video. Did you miss it? Here it is. Watch it again. It is that good.

4. Anyone heard of Lee Child? Jack Reacher? There you go. Lee (not Jack) wrote about Amazon book stores and book selling in general. Interesting.

5. And now for something completely different - the best burns from the Dowager. Can't believe it's taken so long for someone to make this clip. I'm watching it. Every Morning. For daily inspiration. Enjoy.

6. Do you believe everything Google tells you? What about Apple? Well what if they say you should never set your iphone back to 1970? Ever? Not even when getting those Smurf crops to grow. You know who you are.

7. Here's something uplifting. What to give up for Lent. Yes it is Lent already. And no it isn't too late. Do it anyway.

8. It can't be 8  already? There's too much left. Ok ok here's the take on not medicating women's feelings.

9. And the cutest baby elephant in the world. Even naughtier than my puppy.

10. I liked this - by Ray Hartley, about why we are probably at the bottom in SA, and it can only get better from here. It's probably not true, but it is a positive note on which to end the start to an awesome weekend. Enjoy everyone.

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