Saturday 8 August 2015

Ten of the best #7

Ten of the best #7

Does it annoy you when the tagline on a lengthy video link tries to make you watch it. Using words like “You’ll be ASTOUNDED when” and “You won’t BELIEVE what happens”? I don’t mind people trying to use their persuasive power to get my time and attention – that’s the point, I suppose. But when the actual video is a complete let-down, and it has taken 5 minutes to buffer, and then it takes another 7 minutes to get to the AMAZING point, which isn’t so amazing, you already knew that, and there is no summary below the video link that warns you what you are going to watch, so you have to go through all that…for nothing. Or very little. Drives me mad. It’s just like false advertising. But there isn’t a law against that, because we click by choice. People on social media and the internet need to be responsible about what they use to entice you into their content.

That’s why this is so great, and so popular (she says, modestly). There are no long video links. I promise. And I try to give you a clear indication of what you are going to see. So if you don’t want to waste your time, you don’t have to, you just scroll down. Got your coffee? Good. I hope there is something for you to enjoy today.

1.    I was reminded of this as I read a book by Lisa Genova, who quotes Oliver Sacks as her inspiration. He wrote this most beautiful piece earlier this year, when he learned he had terminal cancer. The piece is like his life – inspirational.

2.    In the interests of setting correct expectations as per my opening paragraph, this article needs a disclaimer…
Warning – this is a very pro-parenting document. Don’t bother if you are not that way inclined.

3.    Thuli Madonsela won the Transparency International integrity award. You go Thuli!

4.    This is a video clip of cats leaping about, scared of all sorts of stuff. I love the delayed reactions of some of these. It’s a cute link.

5.    I have never heard the accordion played like this. Do you think there is any hope for bagpipes?

6.    Tom Eaton makes us think this week, not about Nkandla, but about Cecil and our reaction to him. He’s amusing and provocative at the same time.

7.    It’s a long weekend, and if you’re into celebrating what the actual public holidays are, not just lazing about, reading, like me, then you will celebrate women this weekend. This one is for the ladies. And for me, since I’ll be reading… 

8.     This is short. Elon Musk is one of our famous successful South Africans. He is an entrepeneur and very successful. This appealed to my sense of humour.

9.    I know, I know, I am a nerd, but I loved this article. It’s about dashes being the Kardashians of punctuation.

10.  This is a cute clip of a baby elephant. It’s not earth shattering, just cute. But what made me laugh out loud was the insight the American lady showed when she spoke while filming the elephant towards the end. Ag shame, they don’t get out much.

And yes, this has been a Ten of the Best with quite a lot of reading. But now you are all so much cleverer. It’s a pleasure.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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