Saturday 29 August 2015

Ten of the Best #10

1.    Have you seen the September challenge to quit sugar and bread? Are you doing it? It’s not a bad idea. Here’s a great article by Doctor Mark Hyman on “Why sugar is the new fat”. It’s also got some great advice on how to break your addiction, and what to eat instead. Healthy stuff. Click the picture for the link.

2.    Rebecca Hodes, an historian at UCT wrote about why Rhodes must fall has wasted some of its impetus. This is thought provoking. Click the pic.

3.    To prove that these kinds of things do not only happen in SA…although we kindly provide many more opportunities for this type of heroic behavior than most other countries. Once upon a time there were two Americans on a train to Paris and here’s what happened.

4.    In case you missed it, there was bit of a rumpus at WITS. “Oh, just a normal day then,” I hear you say. Yes, but this was an evening event in the Great Hall. At the Ruth First lecture. Anger and racism. “Oh, just a normal day in SA, then.” You said it. Eusebius MacKaiser was the moderator, so qualified to give an opinion on what happened. The man speaks a great deal of sense.

5.    If you are in Johannesburg on or before the 12th September, get yourself to the Standard Bank Gallery in Simmonds Street to see the Pierneef exhibition. I’m told there is safe parking that you don’t have to book, and all who have gone to see it have raved. I’m going. Click the pic for the details. And while you do, observe that it was quite generous of Standard Bank to use the tree that looks remarkably like the FNB tree in the painting to advertise it all. Or maybe they are being cheeky?

6.    So this tracker was completely calm. While an elephant got very up close and personal. Watch it and ask yourself how you would have behaved.

7.    This parking fine argument could only have happened outside SA. SA cops do not have this sense of humour. They do have a sense of McDonald’s though, or so I’m told.

8.    And this one winds the cuteness award for the week. A mommy told her 5 year old he was going to be a big brother. She did it in a really nice way. And of course, she filmed it for us. Poor child. He probably doesn’t know. My kids are very grateful FB wasn’t around when they were small and cute.

9. And after some golds in the swimming, our athletes did us proud too. Here is Wayde Van Niekerk – who wins the Men's 400m Final at the IAAF World Championship in Beijing.


10. What would this post be without some bookish reference? Boring, that's what. I love these stories. Here’s how a Columbian garbage collector started a library. Click the pic.

 Have a great weekend everyone.

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