Monday 8 February 2016

Monday Music

About an aeon ago, I decided to add some Monday Motivation to my little blog. I like inspiration, it is what keeps me doing this thing called life. But I don't really find the pretty pictures and calligraphy words (sometimes with bad grammar, or serious misspelling) very motivational. Even if they are right and true and have no errors.

Then about a half an aeon ago, I thought I would write about running to motivate us all (yes me too) to exercise on a Monday. I wrote this one post. It was a Good Thought, but not very practical. If I can't get up to run, how on earth can I be an encouragement to anyone else? And getting up to run is hard enough, without having to get up even earlier to write first. Seems duh now, but I did wonder for a few months why that wasn't working for me.
But last Monday, while running - oh the irony - I hit on an idea - with a little help from my friends. Music. Music really motivates me. I love words, and I love it when someone sets them to a song that I can repeat in my head, like a little mantra. I should find the music that sets my soul singing, and share it with you. On a Monday. Even Better Thought. 

So for now, this little Monday Motivation will be about music. Of course there are many other things that inspire me - friends, good and noble thoughts, quotes from books, clips from movies. Maybe we will get there, but for now it's Monday Music.

And the best beginning that I can think of is the legendary Mumford and Sons. They were in SA recently. We had tickets (because my husband is connected). We had to give them up, because we were going to the little village where my daughter is going to spend some happy years studying, and no one ever goes there to have a music concert, except a small one. Can you tell I am not completely over that yet? And your Facebook posts about how awesome the concerts were in Durban, CT and Johannesburg are not helping my issues.

One of my favourite Mumford and Sons songs is Awake my Soul. It's lovely. Just a simple song, really powerful. And I found a little clip for you that is gorgeous - it's acoustic, it features some beautiful architecture, and it looks like it was made in the early days - before they got famous. Don't ask me where it was filmed, I have no idea, but if you do, please tell me in the comments below. Hope you enjoy it as much as me. All together now - "Awake my soul". Click the picture to sing along. Enjoy.

There is only one other Monday Motivation post - and it's not very good, but here are some of my other rants on running and life.

Happy Monday.

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