Saturday 10 November 2018

Ten of the Best #141

Hello all you people - it's been quite a week. So much stuff to share - all of which you shared first with me. Thank you, it's been fun catching up.

James recaps the US one of the best Zapiros ever for the highlights.

Iceland releases an ad that is banned, so they remove it. But you can access it on Youtube. Gosh I wonder how many views it'll get now?

The letter to the bank we all wish we'd written. By this 86 year old woman.

Man meets his daughter's heart. 

Finland abolishes school subjects.

Beautiful Jozi photos.

Jennifer Lawrence snorts at Jack Whitehead's toilet humour on The Graham Norton Show.

Dear Comrade Malusi Gigaba, Honourable Upstanding Member, Minister of Affairs, Fighter of Tourism, Epitome of Sartorial Elegance... Ben Trovato writes. Zapiro sketches, again.

Love the music, love the conductor, love the audience's involvement, love the passion in the orchestra - Gustavo Dudamel conducts West Side Story's Mambo by Bernstein.

Some international award winning photos from Siena. 

And that's your Ten for this week. Hope you've had as much fun as me, enjoy the weekend.

Last week.


Matthew Campaigne-Scott said...

You really outdid yourself this week Bev. Loved all of them.

Bev Bouwer said...

Thanks Matt - I think I took quite a bit from you.... 🤣

Bev Bouwer said...
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