Saturday 25 August 2018

Ten of the Best #131

Morning everyone, it's perfect cold and cloudy weather in JHB for catching up on our social media feeds this morning. It's been quite a week, so much that we didn't get to watch/read during the week - you'll find my favourites here.

Patrick Gaspard putting the Trump Twitter storm into perspective for us.

Ben Trovato wrote a letter to President Trump this week, it's worth a read. Click the pic of Trump's map of Africa.

Meanwhile back in the real SA, Mcebisi Jonas is testifying before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture. Vytjie Mentor on Monday. This stuff is riveting.

And of course, all the spin-offs of the Adam Catzavelos video, which went viral.

Look at Gerda Steyn - you go girl.

I was glad when I saw the "Thomas Edison Genius" video on my TL again this week. It's so inspirational.

But in fact, it's not completely true, as the website Snopes will tell you - here. But the real story's actually almost as good. Also, why don't more people use sites like Snopes? You know, to check the FB algorithm "facts" and the like?

I loved these overrated wedding trends - agree we should constantly be revising those old and irritating traditions.

And this writing was awesome - by Christine Burke. One of the most useful articles on grief that I've read.

This is great - Joburg and CT creating child friendly spaces.

And speaking of children - have we forgotten how to make friends?

I'm a sucker for these videos, but do you think I can remember them when I need to? Never. 25 ways to wear a scarf. Featuring a not-at-all annoying soundtrack.

We are on twelve already, but we're signing out with the naughty weather post - you can't put that image on the screen and expect us not to haul out the inappropriate humour.

Enjoy  the weekend

Link to last week.

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