Saturday 11 August 2018

Ten of the Best #129

Good morning all the peoples. It's been a week full of stuff. And here's the best of it from your timelines - all together in one place for you to enjoy.

This from the NYT - SA needs to end corruption, but are SA's leaders part of the problem. Yup. Read and weep.

It's Woman's Day in SA, meaning there's a great ranty blog from Helen Moffett. This one's a letter, to Cyril.

Evita on the march too.

The chief executive Manglin Pillay of the South African Institute of Civil Engineering published a column questioning whether South Africa should be investing so heavily in attracting women into STEM fields because “evidence” showed women are more “predisposed” to caring and people-oriented careers. The pic is the article. To which some women responded - if you click the pic you'll get one. And here's another response.

There is something about these pictures. Clearly they're not staged or set up or anything, but damn they're cute. Click the pic for the twitter story.

How cool is this story? Two elderly German men escaped their nursing home to visit a heavy metal festival. Life goals...

11 things to do in SA. I like these things because a) I haven't done them all; b) they're varied and across the country, and c) there're 11, not 10 or 12, so maybe that's the right number of things?

And since Shakespeare has become a source of hilarity and dissent in our household  this week, here are 15 quotes you need to memorise - to  use in the moment, of course. Which is your favourite?

The Crack Squad of Librarians Who Track Down Half-Forgotten Books - "you know the one with the girl, and the boy, and the house? I can't remember the author, no." And they get it. Wow.

Trevor gives us the latest Trump news on immigration laws, and with a special insert on how to pronounce "zebra".

The bonus post this week - one of my favourite authors is on the Man-Booker longlist and here's what she has to say about it.

Hey, now have an awesome weekend, why don't you? I'm going to.

Here's last week's post, ICYMI.

And some more.

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