Sunday 5 August 2018

The Lord and His Prayer - NT Wright

This little book on The Lord and His prayer breaks up one of the most oft sung and prayed pieces of the Bible into its clauses and phrases and unpacks them, in the context of Christianity.

In a way that is theologically sound (I checked with an expert 😉) and that is easy to understand. So do try not to be put off by the less-than-awe-inspiring cover. Here, this quote may help:

“This prayer doesn't pretend that pain and hunger aren't real. Some religions say that; Jesus didn't. This prayer doesn't use the greatness and majesty of God to belittle the human plight. Some religions do that; Jesus didn't. This prayer starts by addressing God intimately and lovingly, as `Father' - and by bowing before his greatness and majesty. If you can hold those two together, you're already on the way to understanding what Christianity is all about.”

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will return to it more than once.

And just because I finally found the 'right' sung version of The Lord's Prayer. (Composer: Joseph Lees) Now to find the music...

ISBN: 9780802843203

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