Saturday 18 August 2018

Ten of the Best #130

It's been an awesome week, so much to see and hear - most of which we didn't have time for, what with our busy schedules and all. Don't worry, this is your catch-up place. Grab your brew and maybe some breakfast, settle in, and enjoy the links.

A closer look at the Omarosa tapes, just to get us all updated.

And the newspapers hit back. So does James with a little musical impression of Mueller. Is it true that you can get away with saying the worst things if you set them to music? Maybe so - listen to the words, and you tell me.

Think BEFORE you call the ambulance - loved this blog.

What have we got to look forward to? Reading-wise, I mean. The book preview....

SA's shame continues - the story of Bird Island, and Mark Minnie's recent apparent suicide.

Which made me remember this article about suicide, which made me think. Great writing, Kate Sherry.

Pieter-Dirk Uys talking about hate speech and hashtags at a recent conference. If you'd prefer the transcript - here it is, else the video is below. (It's not 48 minutes - the video feed  ends before 9 mins is up, and then there's 39 minutes of black silence, thank you M&G.)

A visit to Liebermann's garden and discovering the natural source of his inspiration.

Colbert's tribute to Aretha Franklin is my favourite - I love this performance, also featuring Carole King and the Obamas and many more.

And we sign out with another great musical performance - Ariana Grande. Her Celine impression is the awesomest, and I loved the Broadway - maybe not quite as much as they did, but almost.

I told you this was awesome. Now go and have a great weekend, why don't you?

Last week's ten.

Some more.

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