Saturday 26 May 2018

Ten of the Best #118

Hello and happy weekend everyone. 

Here are some of the fun things I found on your time lines this week, so we all get to watch over the weekend. Thanks for sharing, and sorry this post is later than usual - I had a busy end to my week.

Bad lip reading - the other take on the Royal Wedding.

"I’d love to sum this up with a rainbow-and-butterfly sentiment about how this journey has enriched my life and brought me peace. But the truth is, it’s hell making the decision to speak out, and it’s hell after the decision has been made. That said, I will never regret telling the truth", so says Rebecca Corry. Honest and true.

Jonathan Jansen weighed in on the Ashwin Willemse incident, making it a teaching moment. Funny, that.

And just in case you haven't had enough of those teachable moments, here's a Jeppe assembly on privilege. 

Greensleeves as you've never heard it before.

And in other news, SA wins gold at the Chelsea Flower Show...again.

The iRabbit, explained by an Indian man to a French man.

I've seen this shared,but finally watched it, and was again impressed by the talent of Trevor - his accents and improv is brilliant and so funny. Here, there are some French guests in the audience. 

When boys are taught to respect girls  - I loved this.

Finland, no homework, now look at these fantastic libraries. I'm emigrating. 

And we'll end with these fabulous Maya Angelou quotes. 

That's my Ten for this week. Hope you've had a great first half, and here's to the rest of it.

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