Monday 14 May 2018

So now what?

Today's the day, people. We're getting into shape. We're running - so fast and so far that we may not even come back, and if we do, we'll be so fit and fired and lit that we'll actually run straight into tomorrow morning without even noticing. It is Monday, after all.'s raining. And with that it's freezing cold. Oh Universe, when did you see my tiny heart beating with righteous desire, and decide to just extinguish it with your cold ice-heart? Was it when I laid out my warm running clothes for today? Or was it when I shut my eyes early, so I'd wake up in time? We expected the cold, not the cold and the rain. Shoot.

So, what to do now?

Well stuff you all, we'll run on the treadmill at gym. With all the other pumped up and active people. We don't care, we're doing this, cold rain, sweat and tears.

And the music? Yes, we need the music. So today, it's this song. Please don't ask me what it means, I don't have a friggin clue. But it's catchy, the dance moves make me want to try them - no, not on the treadmill - (not ever, my daughters will say), and it made me smile. It's Christine and the Queens with  Tilted. Because music has its own language. And clearly, I speak this one.

And no, I've never been "doing my face with magic marker" either. Let me know if you've tried that?

Happy Monday, happy week.

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