Saturday 5 May 2018

Ten of the Best #116

Good morning. Me again. I don't know if we have enough material for a Ten of the Best, since you guys have been boring on your social media feeds this week... Only joking, we did one of these on Tuesday, and it was so good, there may not be much good stuff left.  😃

First off - right here is partly why we live here. This week in PE. Click the pic for the video. Oh the glory.

We're going to start with a message to women about inner rage. Yes, you heard right. And men, if you don't understand the rage, or women, you can watch too. This is the three minute clip, there's a full TED talk too, which I haven't watched yet, but I'm going to.

Next is a roundup of all the news, including how Trump's former personal doctor was raided.

And Trevor unpacks the Hannity - Rudy interview, where Rudy exposed Trump.

Why Ashley Judd's case against Harvey Weinstein is brilliant.

Why did Tories start standing like this?

Ijeoma Oluo exposes "How Non-Black People Can Talk About Kanye While Staying in their Lane"

And this Teacher of The Year shows us all how silent, polite protest is done. Bravo Mandy Manning.

Pentatonix have a medley of all the pop songs. It's great. And they're all on Pentatonix's latest album.

Would be funny if not so sad. Tom Eaton tells why Show and Telly on SABC3 is so bad. (You may have to log in for this one.)

This is a good story.

That's Ten from me. And it didn't even take that long.

Here's Tuesday's Ten.

Maybe more next week?

More Tens.

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