Monday 28 May 2018


Good morning. Hope I  haven't missed your run this week. 

I was wondering what words to use today to inspire us all to greater exercise achievements - and also just to get us out of bed. I was thinking of all the wonderful things about this morning - the almost perfect weather - crisp and clean, with just a touch of cold that you burn off, only if the pace is brisk enough, which is always a very good thing. 

And then there's the fact that it's the first day of a new week - a whole new opportunity to hit the ground the right way. Yes of course I mean running, I always do.  

And let's not forget the colours - there are red trees, yellow trees, brown trees, orange trees, grey trees, even some green ones. They're so lovely, sweeping the sky with their upward reach, and if you look up, which we do, often, it's a painting, with the deep blue sky making the edges of each leaf look more defined - as if every single one matters so much before it falls to the ground to crunch at our feet.

We live in a wonderful world. And today, well we can go anywhere. And that's our song.

Time flies by when the night is young
Daylight shines on an unexposed location, location
Bloodshot eyes lookin' for the sun
Paradise we live it, and we call it a vacation, vacation
You're painting me a dream that I
Wouldn't belong in, wouldn't belong in
Over the hills and far away
A million miles from L.A
Just anywhere away with you
I know we've got to get away
Someplace where no one knows our name
We'll find the start of something new
Just take me anywhere, take me anywhere
Anywhere away with you
Just take me anywhere, take me anywhere
Anywhere away with you

Yes it's Rita Ora. Hope you enjoy it.

Come away with us today - let your feet pound that pavement and feel all that goodness.

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