Friday 25 May 2018

Book Club Books #1 2018

And here we are, looking for books for Book Club. In this post, you'll find some of my favourite reads over the last few months, and if you click the covers, you'll get my reviews. Click the back button to come back for more.

I really hope you find something you like.

We'll start with the popular choice. Before We Were Yours seems to be a favourite of many of my friends. It's historical fiction, but my personal best kind - where a story that hasn't really been made popular or well understood, is blown open, and you find yourself googling the details, just to find out what's true and what's not.

Confronting issues like adoption, foster child care and kidnapping - and some fraud and deception thrown in. This is not Lisa Wingate's first novel, and it's a stunner. 

My Sister's Bones is about Kate Rafter. She is a reporter in a war zone. Until she returns home and finds that the realities she must face there are more devastating than anything she's seen in Syria, or anywhere, for that matter. They're also much more personal.
This was a good crime novel - page turning and exciting. But also different and unique.

You can't go wrong with Jojo. Except maybe when this is book 3 of the famous Will Traynor series. I did think that maybe, just maybe, we'd be bored with Louisa's antics by now. But those who loved Me Before You and After You will adore Still Me. There's even more to Louisa than before, and that was a good thing.

I've been waiting to read Kate Quinn's The Alice Network for a long time now. While I waited on a library copy, a friend lent me this one, and I didn't even make the connection that it was the same author. I know, silly me. And what a wonderful surprise it was. More historical fiction - Rome in the early first century. It's passionate, and great storytelling. I loved it.

This won't appeal to everyone. But those who love dark psychological thrillers will enjoy it. It's very creepy. And very engrossing. I didn't sleep much when I read it, but I wasn't sorry. Not a bit.

I know, there was a time when every fourth book you took home was a John Grisham, and everyone in your family read it too, including grandma and great aunt Enid, but you've stopped now - they're not as good as they used to be. A bit boring, formulaic even. Camino Island breaks that mold. It's about books, and indie bookshops and stealing historical manuscripts, and it's very good. I couldn't put it down.

Penny Vincenzi died earlier this year, and this was her last novel. If you haven't read her before, she writes epic stories of glamour, fashion, secrets and lies. "Seductively readable" is a great description. Maybe a bit flighty for the SERIOUS reader, but everyone needs to enjoy a book like this every now and then. Try it just for fun, you may be searching for many of her older novels in your future.

Here're some more books I've read this year. I'm still busy updating my reviews, so be patient, but if you haven't found something you like yet, the 2018 list is more extensive.

Happy Book Club meetings - don't forget the wine!


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