Saturday 19 May 2018

Ten of the best #117

Hello world. It's a beautiful day in sunny SA, and I'm wondering if I'm going to finish this post before the urge to be in the sunshine beats the desire to share the best from my social media sites this week.

It's been an interesting week. The highlight of the week is trying to beat the white/gold or blue/black dress debate. Ellen unpacks it for us - Laurel or Yanny? What do you hear.

Here's the explanation. At this point, let me just add that Ellen is wrong. It's definitely Yanny. BTW, if you follow the story in the explanation clip, you'll understand that if a person hadn't heard Yanny for Laurel initially, we wouldn't even have this debate on our screens. And just imagine how much less wonderful our world would be, if that were the case.

The White House has a leaky staff. Trevor tells more.

Michelle Wolfe did the WHCD this year. (WHCD = White House Correspondent's Dinner, keep up). Here she shares some things with Seth Myers, who she used to work for.

Why we shouldn't be using plastic. Ever. I love the presentation of this National Geographic article and images.

The story of the picture. RIP Sam Nzima.

Kristen Stewart took off her shoes. At Cannes. Where there's a rule about ladies having to wear high heels to enter. Wait...Whaaaat? There's seriously a RULE? That's the story I want to hear.

Dear Teacher. This made me happy and sad.

Stephen King pulled a book from shelves, and now if you want a copy, it'll cost you $500, but he's ok with that. Here's the story.

I liked this - how to sell your product in stores. Make it GMO free, even if it was before...

That's ten. But if, like me, you feel the need for more, here's a long clip about the connection between Bruno Mars and Stravinsky, and a little musical sound history lesson. It's not only long, it's very drawn out. But fairly interesting.

There you go. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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