Saturday 28 October 2017

Ten of the Best #104

Good morning to you morning people. This is for those of you braving the cold to do a park run in the wintry weather. I know at least one of you checks her phone before you start, so hopefully you find me today. It's also where we catch up on the week - the rest of us in our warm cosy beds, where we should be on a Saturday morning. I hope you find something to make you smile, think, and enjoy. 

If you don't, just know I had great fun compiling it, and it made me smile, think and enjoy. And remember, if you've seen it, keep scrolling.

We're not doing politics today, we'll just leave Zapiro here, and not say a word.

#MeToo isn't done yet. Marianne Thamm writes so well and explains why it won't be over for a while. Click the pic for her article.

Does it Count? This is powerful. 

And this even more so - The Economics of Consent.

"Because consent is a function of power. You have to have a modicum of power to give it. In many cases women do not have that power because their livelihood is in jeopardy and because they are the gender that is oppressed by a daily, invisible war waged against all that is feminine—women and humans who behave or dress or think or feel or look feminine."

And here's the historical post - from the Huffington Post - The Earth's oldest navigational tool. Fascinating.

Somehow I missed the Vryheid granny...I must have been ON A BREAK, or something. Never mind, it's never too late. 

Isn't the internet amazing? We can see inside these homes. And dream. Only $250 000 000.  And that one's not finished yet. 

This toddler has standards, I tell you. High standards. You go, girl.

I also loved the animal rehabilitator. 

These prisoners from The Cebu Detention and Rehabilitation Centre in the Philippines sing and dance as part of therapy. This video has Michael Jackson's choreographer and dancers help them. It's brilliant. 

In our next feature, we are asked "How do you relax with your dog?" Well, how do you? I'm really asking. Think about it. And then watch, and wonder - is my relaxation with my dog really much different? 

Two of my favourites - Claire Ryan Crosby and Dave Crosby - her dad. They went to Disney to perform this, and it's a lovely video. There are also many more online clips, that if you're addicted, like me, you'll spend hours watching. So cute.

The bonus post - the little conductor. Thanks Mom. 

Well, it's been fun, time to run. Have an awesome weekend, everybody.

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